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Let us introduce ourselves

The Jingle Bus is an event catering enterprise launched by Khushi’s Indian Restaurant (Edinburgh’s oldest) with the goal of bringing their modern take on traditional Indian street food to festivals and events around the country.

The Jingle Bus’ journey to the Edinburgh Festival was not a short one starting in Pakistan where it was built and then lovingly decorated in the country’s traditional style. After a long sea voyage the bus arrived in Scotland where fitted out with all the necessary equipment to prepare and cook the mouth watering food that it serves.


Street food, Curry wraps, Kulfi etc

The Jingle Bus’ offerings include a carefully selected variety of Indian streetfood including filled curry wraps and well known Indian snacks as well as Kulfi, Indian ice cream for those days when the sun is shining.

The Jingle Bus will be taking its unique Indian flavour to other well known events in and around Scotland as well as being available for hire for both private and corporate functions.

We tailor-make our menu to suit the host’s requirements.
See our menu for the Edinburgh Festival 2022.

  • Chicken Wrap
    Mildly spiced chicken breast with salad and Khushi’s own blend masala sauce served in a wrap
  • Vegetable Pakora Wrap
    Seasonal vegetables in a crispy batter coating with salad and Khushi’s own blend masala sauce served in a wrap
  • Samosa Chaat
    Fragrant chana masala (chickpea curry) and handmade chicken or vegetable samosas topped with spices, seeds and yoghurt.
  • Spiced Toasted Corn Snack
    Hot and crunchy savory toasted corn with a mix of spices
  • Kulfi
    Indian ice cream on a stick. Original or mango.
  • Mango Lassi
    Mango flavoured refreshing traditional yoghurt based drink
  • Soft Drinks
  • Water


Enjoyed our lunch so much we came back to have our evening meal.

Very tasty. Congratulations.

Best food at The Fringe! And the friendliest people too!

Thank you!

Had this today. Seriously good! Great value and service too.

Thank you!

So many food places I wanted to try this year at The Fringe, but I’m so glad I popped by today and picked up a chicken masala wrap from The Jingle Bus.

I walked passed and the smell was amazing so when I noticed it was quiet I thought it was meant to be and I’m so glad I did

(especially while I waited the amount of people that turned up)

You won’t believe the amount of people that I’ve got hooked on the pakora wrap this August 🙂

Been to The Fringe 4 times this year and each time I have chosen to eat something very tasty from The Jingle Bus.

Congratulations on serving consistently delicious food, nicely spiced and with a friendly smile.

Well done – we’ll be back again soon.

Had a chicken masala wrap the other night, it was sensational!

Beautifully design Jingle Bus that servers delicious streetfood at a pocket friendly price.

The chicken masala wrap was absolutely delicious, really tasty with a kick.

The food was prepared beautifully and didn’t take long.

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